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Tech Note: What is Error Correction?

Error Correction is an available setting in all SATEL radio modems, which can help improve data transfer in cases of poor or unreliable communication. Referred to as FEC Mode (Forward Error Correction) in Configuration Manager, note that this setting refers to SATEL 3AS Error Correction and does not affect other compatibility modes, such as PacCrest. This setting can be turned ON or OFF both in Configuration Manager and directly on the front screen of your radio modem.

When Error Correction is enabled (ON), the radio modem automatically adds additional error correction information, which increases the amount of transmitted data by 30%. It is used by the receiving radio modem to correct erroneous bits, as long as the ratio of correct and erroneous bits is reasonable. The resulting benefit can be an improvement of up to 3dB sensitivity.

Error Correction improves the reliability of data transfer via the radio interface, especially in unfavorable conditions. The Error Correction function should be used when link distances are long or received signal is otherwise low due to poor propagation conditions or multi-path fading. It is also recommended to use Error Correction in case there are intermittent interferences on the radio channel.

The Error Correction function decreases data transfer throughput by approximately 30%. Though transfer delays are longer, Error Correction can be quite useful for the best data transmission quality in the scenarios described above.