How to Purchase

SATEL USA products and services are available through a variety of solution providers, wholesale and retail outlets who specialize in serving specific regions, industry types and applications. Please contact us to be referred to the company best suited to meet your needs.

Solution Providers

SATEL USA Solution Providers can assist with every phase of wireless network system planning, design, testing, and integration. Solution Providers have additional industry specific expertise in device programming, data management, control systems and I/O devices which allow them to offer turnkey solutions for systems that require integration as well as wireless connectivity.

Retail Dealers

SATEL USA Dealers bring sales, service, and support of small systems and end users to a local level, providing application specific knowledge and industry specific items to meet the needs of their clientele. Dealers typically specialize in a specific SATEL radio modem application.

Wholesale Distributors

Specialized distributors of SATEL radio modems who are also distributors of partner products. Wholesale distributors provide advanced solutions, products, support, workshops, and packages to governments, municipalities, utilities, large end users, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers and others. Wholesale distributors have been trained and certified by SATEL USA.