Mission-Critical Data Connectivity Solutions

Where Connectivity Meets Reliability.

In industries where every second counts and terrains challenge consistency, Satel USA stands as the trusted choice. Over 20 years of ensuring precise, unbroken signals for your mission-critical needs.

We provide complete Communication Systems

Whether it’s machinery in remote sites, moving vehicles on highways, sophisticated IoT devices, or teams working in the field, your operations hinge on dependable and secure connectivity. Satel radio technology solutions are the backbone of mission-critical communications, serving industries globally with unparalleled reliability.


Navigating mission-critical communications begins with the right design. With over 20 years of trust across diverse industries—from SCADA systems to GNSS surveying—we understand the nuances. Our experienced team provides tailored system designs, ensuring optimal functionality tailored to your specific needs.


Picking the right gear is key. Beyond our trusted range of Satel radios and accessories, we guide you in selecting the perfect fit for your unique requirements. From factory automation to telemetry, our decades of expertise ensure that you’re equipped with the right tools for the job.


Our commitment doesn’t end with a sale. All of our products come with unlimited pre-sale and post-sale technical support. Whether it’s on-site path studies, system commissioning, or troubleshooting, our seasoned technicians are on standby, ensuring continuous and reliable communication for your operations.

Satel USA is an official distributor of Satel radios in the US. When you buy from Satel USA, you get the backing of experts who understand the product inside and out complete with the manufacturer’s warranty and our dedicated support.

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