Affiliated Offices

Wireless, connected worldwide.

SATEL USA is part of the global SATEL family, providing private wireless solutions throughout the United States with an unparalleled array of radio products built specifically for difficult, long distance, and mission critical applications.

SATEL Survey opened in 2010 to service high accuracy GPS/GNSS needs. Equipped with special solutions for land surveyors and precision agriculture, SATEL Survey focuses specifically on compatibility and use of SATEL radio modems with GPS receivers in mobile and outdoor applications.

SATEL Oy is a Finnish telecommunications manufacturer whose products set the bar for communications system reliability and endurance. With sales and service offices covering the entire globe, our widely accepted radio modems have been installed in projects and products of all sizes in more than 100 countries.

Worldwide there are more than 70 sales and service offices to provide local sales and application assistance.