Long Lasting Solutions for Higher Yield and Lower Costs

SATELLINE radio modems have long served agriculture from the plow to the sprayer and harvester. Precision Agriculture has been a long time specialty of Satel. The SATELLINE EASy and EASy Pro 35W provide unparalleled connectivity by combining the exceptional receiver of the SATELLINE modems with 35 Watts of power and over the air connectivity to a broad range of third party hardware. A wide range of OEM radio solutions are available for customers looking to integrate high quality radio hardware for precision positioning, telemetry, and more.

Satel’s technology for modern agriculture is not limited to precision positioning — radio modems can enable wireless controls of gates, canals, irrigation, treatment systems, and monitoring of environmental conditions like soil and weather. Wireless solutions from Satel can eliminate potentially miles of vulnerable and expensive copper wiring, or enable long range control of farming technology previously requiring time-consuming travel to remote locations.

Ask us about solutions for:

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Irrigation
  • Security & Gate Control
  • Yield Measurement