Wireless Irrigation

From the reservoir to canal to the field SATEL is there

Advanced farming and agriculture techniques are continually evolving and involving more and more wireless connections.

Connecting points in an irrigation network using copper wire can be very expensive with canals sprawling over many miles. Diversion gates often rest near the edge of property, and can be time consuming to visually inspect and personally attend to.

SATEL radio modems are used throughout the water supply chain. At its very source, SATELLINK I/O connect level measurement, valves and gates while SATELLINE, SATELLAR and our cellular gateways and routers are used to tie together systems at wells, outbuildings, and controls.

Automatic sprinkler systems, motorized sprinklers, canal gates, pumps, moisture sensors, weather stations and a multitude of other items connect via SATEL USA wireless solutions for serial and Ethernet, or with elementary digital, analog and pulse signals.