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In the US, we rely on SATEL’s radio technology for dependable machine control. SATEL’s solutions is used worldwide in machine control, especially in mission-critical operations, providing dependable connectivity and delivering reliable performance in areas with limited network coverage or no coverage at all.

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Machine Control in Construction

In the world of construction, getting things right the first time is crucial. That’s where Machine Control comes in—a technology that’s changing the way we do construction. In this section, we’ll explore Machine Control solutions and how they can benefit your projects while addressing the challenge of reliable connectivity on construction sites.

What Is Machine Control in Construction?

To understand how machine control is revolutionizing the construction industry, let’s first grasp what “machine control” means and why it’s so essential. Machine control hardware and software solutions were developed to determine a machine’s current position on the earth and compare it with the desired design surface. Using data from satellites or total stations and 3D models, the technology ensures that machine operators can accurately position machinery, check grade, automate equipment functions, and collect data. Through the use of various positioning sensors and a display, machine control gives operators a clear reference between the position of the machine bucket or blade and the design surface.

Why Precision Matters

Machine Control is all about making sure your construction tasks are spot on. Traditional methods sometimes involve guesswork and human error, slowing things down. With Machine Control, those issues are a thing of the past. GPS-equipped machines can work with pinpoint accuracy, making sure every cut, dig, or grading task is done just right.

Boosting Efficiency and Getting More Done

Efficiency is the name of the game in construction, and Machine Control is a game-changer. Imagine your machinery working faster and better, reducing delays and do-overs. With Machine Control, it’s possible.

Used by the construction industry on earthworks equipment since the late 1990s, this technology allows decisions to be made based on data, rather than relying on fallible traditional methods or the skill and experience of the operator. As a result, machine control effectively increases operators’ productivity and accuracy.

Machine control solutions on excavators, dozers, and graders offer numerous advantages, saving operators time, money, and fuel thanks to the technology’s improved accuracy and enhanced performance.

Streamlining Workflows

Machine Control gives your operators real-time data and guidance. This means they can confidently follow digital blueprints and designs, making your projects move faster and saving you money.

Less Waste, More Savings

Machine Control’s precision also means less material waste. When your machines dig or grade with such accuracy, you’ll use fewer materials. That’s not just good for your budget; it’s also good for the environment.

Cost-Effective Construction Solutions

In the competitive world of construction, saving money is essential. Machine Control offers some significant cost-saving advantages that you don’t want to miss.

Lower Labor Costs

With Machine Control, tasks take less time and require fewer workers. That’s a win-win for your budget and your efficiency.

Minimizing Rework

Rework can be a headache and an extra expense. Machine Control’s accuracy means less rework, keeping your projects on track and on budget.

The Connectivity Challenge

Reliable connectivity can be a challenge on the construction site, with 900 MHz predominantly the standard. This frequency limitation can only sometimes meet the range and distance needed on the job. When faced with tight construction schedules, operators want alternative solutions easily available, without downtime and high costs.

SATEL USA’s Solution

SATEL USA brings further distance and less downtime to the construction site with our Machine Control solutions, featuring the SATELLINE-EASy. Integrating 450 MHz achieves further distance and better signal strength while blasting through obstacles, creating a versatile fleet.

Embracing the Future

Machine Control solutions for construction are a practical way to boost precision and efficiency while addressing connectivity challenges. By embracing Machine Control solutions, you stay competitive. You can offer clients faster project completion, higher quality work, and cost savings—things every construction project needs.

Satel USA Solutions for Machine Control

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