Flood Monitoring

Real time connectivity to sensors and alarms

Monitor the weather, water levels, view images, activate flood warning systems, activate alarms, raise and lower gates, control lights and signs, and much more with transparent wireless connection of digital, analog and pulse values from field sensors.

By providing a private communications network separate from public systems, SATEL radio modem connections continue to operate even when all other services may have failed.

SATEL USA M2M solutions for private device data communications offer the absolute highest level of connection survivability when combined with solar power, backup batteries, and a protective enclosure.

Antennas are protected by methods that include specialty antennas, commercially available containers or radomes, and constructed enclosures of fiberglass, PVC, plastic, wood, and a variety of composite (non-conductive) materials.

SATELLINE, SATELLAR and SATELLINK hardware provide instant connection to otherwise hardwired sensor and actuator devices like, limit switches, relays, contactors, lighting controls, audible alarms, gate controls and similar items with Serial, Analog, Digital, or Pulse output.