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Tech Note: Using Configuration Manager

SATEL Configuration Manager is an essential tool for loading settings to your SATEL modems. One feature that can make that fast and easy is the ability to load settings from a pre-existing file. That way, if you need to load the same settings and/or a channel list on multiple units, you don’t need to individually key in the settings for each one. The settings of the first unit you set up can be saved to your PC by clicking on “Save Configuration to File”. On the next radio you set up, click “Load Configuration from File” and “Open” the cfg file that was saved. When completed, all loaded settings are red and an info tablet opens stating “Configuration file loaded successfully!”. The settings are then uploaded to the radio by clicking “Write Settings” on the top tab of Configuration Manager. Settings files should only be used across matching models, so settings for the EASy 1W should not be loaded to the EASy Pro 35W, for example.

When in Survey Mode, there is a helpful feature specifically for channel lists. You can save the channel list separately and in a format that can be used across SATEL radio models, as long as the “Tx Power” setting is set to “0”, indicating that the maximum power can be used. Select the “Program Preferences” tab, enter password for maintenance mode, then in “Modem Settings” select “Open Channel Selector”. Build your channel list by selecting “Add” and remember to put “0” in “Tx Power” (unless you have restrictions that prohibit you from doing so). Select “Save” to save the channel list to your computer to load to other radios. Select “Load” to load to your current radio, then click “Write Settings”.

Note that the Satelline-4Pro requires Configuration Manager version 1.6.1—that and the Configuration Manager User Guide can be found on our website, under Service>Software.