SATEL Proof-TR4+ / -TR9 IP69K Radio

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This radio brings you the highest level of water and dust proofing, IP69K, for both the housing and the connectors. Able to withstand even high pressure, high temperature water jets, this radio is not only weather proof, but can also resist pressure washing when mounted to vehicles, equipment or buildings. SATEL’s Proof radio is now available with either a TR4+ based 400MHz radio or a TR9 based 900MHz ISM radio (902-928MHz). These radios are ideal for use on any equipment that is exposed to intense weather, marine environments, or high-pressure washing without the need to worry about the sensitive electronics inside. On the Proof-TR4+, optional AES-128 encryption support adds strong protection to your data over the air, with minimal overhead.

Proof-TR4+ Compatibility spans a wide variety of SATEL modems with the 3AS/EASy protocol, with additional compatibility modes allowing for inter-operation with other radios including Pacific Crest, Trimble, and others. Proof-TR9 is compatible with FreeWave FGR2, FGR3, and many FreeWave OEM radios.

Additional information

Frequency Range

TR4: 403-473 MHz, TR9: 902-928 MHz

Channel Spacing

TR4: 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz, TR9: 50-112 hopping channels

Communication Mode



TR4: 4/8/16-FSK, TR9: 2-GFSK

Carrier Power


Receiver Sensitvity

-105 to -118 dBm

Electrical Interface


Interface Connector

Deutsch DT04-6P-CL09

Data Interface Speed

up to 115.2kbps

Packet Throughput

TR9: 115/153 kbps, up to 28.8kbps (25kHz channel), 14.4kbps (12.5kHz channel)


AES-128 (optional product variant)

Data Format

Asynchronous data

Operating Voltage

6 – 30 VDC

Antenna Connector


IP Classification


Size (H x W x D)

176 x 95 x 42 mm



YM6577: SATEL Proof-TR4+, with AES128 encryption support

YM6578: SATEL Proof-TR4, without AES128 encryption support

YM6411: SATEL Proof-TR9 (US region, others available)

SATEL Proof-TR4+ /-TR9 Brochure