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Power Up Your Industrial Operations: Discover the Advanced Power Enhancements of Satel EASy Pro+

Industrial operations require rugged, adaptable connectivity that maximizes uptime. The Satel EASy Pro+ delivers – evolving high-power radio technology to meet the demands of your job sites, plant operations, and more.

As a high power 400MHz long range industrial radio modem, the Satel EASy Pro+ boasts an exceptional 35W peak output power range. It also has a wide output power range, able to transmit as low as 1W, making it perfect for both permanent installs and temporary mobile usage across surveying, construction, agriculture and more.

Power Efficiency: How the Satel EASy Pro+ Turbocharges Industrial Operations

One of the primary enhancement of the Satel EASy Pro+ is dramatically reduced power consumption across all output levels compared to earlier Satel high power radios. This translates to better battery efficiency and less heat generated for improved reliability.

Power Output Range and Consumption Enhancements

The Satel EASY Pro+ stands out with its optimized power output range and reduced consumption. Here’s how it stacks up:

Transmit PowerPower Consumption: EASy ProPower Consumption: EASy Pro+Power Savings
1Wnot available10W
5W40W (only available on 5-25W model)20W50%

Practical Applications Across Industries

The Satel EASy Pro+ is an integral communications solution for GNSS/RTK base stations used in surveying and machine control in construction and agriculture. Satel high power radios are well suited for many other mission critical applications as well, such as SCADA systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Its adaptability handles remote monitoring and long-haul links for far-flung equipment. Purpose-built for industrial demands.

Tailored Benefits for Industrial Communications

The Satel EASy Pro+ delivers what industries like construction and agriculture need: simple, solid communication. It’s built to work hard in tough environments. With the EASy Pro+, you get reliable data flow, essential for operations that can’t afford interruptions. It’s a straightforward tool designed for businesses small and large that want to keep jobs on track.

Beyond the Technology

The EASy Pro+ is all about keeping your workday running smoothly. With its high power output, you can expect maximum coverage and reliable uptime. That means more work done. It’s that simple.

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