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SATELLINE-M3 VHF is a VHF data radio transceiver module in a lightweight, easy to integrate enclosure. It has full compatibility with Satel’s standalone 3AS VHF line of radio modems. Completely self contained, this module meets applicable radio, EMC and electrical safety requirements without any additional enclosures.

Additional information

Frequency Range

135 to 174 and 218 to 238 MHz

Tuning Range

135 to 155, 138 to 160, 155 to 174 or 218 to 238 MHz

Carrier Power

100 mW, 500 mW, 1 W, 5 W (software selectable)

Receiver Sensitvity

up to -115 dBm, depending on modulation and error correction (see product brochure)

Data Interface Speed

1200 bps to 38.4kbps

Electrical Interface

RS-232, 422, 485

Packet Throughput

19.2kbps (25kHz channel), 9.6kbps (12.5kHz channel)

Interface Connector

D15 (data and power)

Antenna Connector

TNC female

Operating Voltage

+9-30 VDC

Power Consumption

1.7W RX, 6.6W TX @ 1W, 22W TX @ 5W, 70mW standby

Operating Temperature Range

-25 °C to +55 °C

Size (H x W x D)

114 x 61 x 22 mm


265 g

YM6000: SATELLINE-M3 VHF (only variation)

SATELLINE-3AS NMS and VHF User Guide v6.0