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Elevating Off-Highway Connectivity: Discover the SATEL MCCU-20 LTE for Mission-Critical Operations

In the dynamic landscape of off-highway machinery connectivity, challenges are omnipresent, but so are groundbreaking solutions. Enter the SATEL MCCU-20 LTE / UHF, one of SATEL’s latest innovation and a testament to reliability and innovative technology, designed to meet the complex demands of mission-critical operations in various fields, from smart farming to emergency response. With this cutting-edge technology, long distance challenges are made short, complex tasks more manageable, and challenges are transformed into successes. Let’s dive into it!

What is SATEL MCCU-20?

The SATEL MCCU-20 LTE / UHF is a unique dual-technology RTK transceiver for receiving the GNSS RTK correction data to a moving vehicle with UHF radio based RTK or NTRIP over LTE. The RTK correction data is forwarded over RS-232 serial communication to machine control system. It’s a unique blend of technology that supports dual-technology operation – allowing data reception through both UHF radio-based RTK and NTRIP over LTE networks. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications requiring precise location data and reliable communication in mobile settings.

Robust Solution for Off-Highway Challenges:

The SATEL MCCU-20 LTE / UHF is expertly engineered to provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective connectivity for off-highway machinery. Deployed across various sectors such as construction, mining, surveying, and forestry, this device ensures seamless and effective operations even in the most challenging conditions.

The machine and vehicle manufacturers and machine control system providers can integrate SATEL MCCU-20 LTE / UHF to their offering without knowing what kind of technology is available in the operating area. The vehicle can be operated under varying connectivity environments.

Mission-Critical Connectivity Applications:

  • RTK Correction Signaling: Delivers centimeter-level positioning accuracy, crucial for precision tasks in smart farming, surveying, and more.
  • Collision Avoidance Signaling (CAS): Bolsters safety and prevents accidents in active, dynamic work environments.
  • Machine to Machine Commands (V2V and V2X): Enables smooth communication between various machines and vehicles, essential for synchronized and efficient operations.
  • Secure Firmware Updates: Maintains system integrity and security with safeguarded, dependable updates.
  • Central Control Signal: Facilitates streamlined operations through centralized management, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Safety Signaling: Upholds stringent safety standards, vital in all mission-critical activities.
  • Mission-Critical Telematics: Offers essential data for effective operation in high-stakes scenarios.

Customer-Oriented, Solution-Focused Approach:

The SATEL MCCU-20 LTE / UHF is not just a product; it’s a tailor-made solution for the unique challenges encountered in off-highway applications. Its dual-technology operation, sophisticated cybersecurity features, and durable design ensure uninterrupted, secure, and comprehensive connectivity.


Use Case 1

This scenario shows the flexibility of MCCU-20 LTE / UHF where the off-highway machine can use RTK in a job site and can switch to UHF when cellular connection becomes unreliable or unavailable.

Use Case 2

This situation shows an example of an agricultural off-highway machine where the tractor is utilizing the LTE functionality of MCCU-20.

Use Case 3

This example depicts a scenario showcasing a tractor operating off-highway and employing the MCCU-20’s UHF capabilities.

Looking Ahead:

  • MCCU-15 is coming soon! This new device is similar to the one that came before it, but it has a specific purpose in mind: it’s exclusively an LTE-only device. Designed for seamless integration into various operational frameworks, MCCU-15 promises to revolutionize connectivity with its dedicated LTE technology, ensuring faster and more reliable communication channels. This device is tailored for scenarios where LTE coverage provides optimal performance, making it a perfect fit for modern, connected applications.
  • SATEL NARS-BT & SATEL MOBILE: Together with the SATEL Mobile application, the sturdy Bluetooth-RS232 SATEL NARS-BT device matches wireless configuration requirements for Machine Control applications. Below is a sample use case featuring MCCU-20.


Embrace the future of confident and innovative connectivity with the SATEL MCCU-20 LTE / UHF. For a deeper dive into its technical features and to understand how it can revolutionize your mission-critical operations, visit our detailed product page here: SATEL MCCU-20 LTE / UHF.

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