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The I-LINK 100 is an digital and analog IO converter for use with SATELLINE serial radio modems. Easier to setup and less expensive than a PLC, the I-LINK is the perfect way to expand the reach of your digital or analog signals wirelessly with a companion SATEL radio. Both point to point modes and point to multipoint modes are available, depending on your needs. I-LINK PC software makes system monitoring and configuration simple. A variation is also available that is compatible with Modbus.

The I-LINK 100 has 8 digital IO ports (4 in/4 out) with built-in relays and 4 analog IO ports (2 in/2 out), as well as connector for the radio and expansion modules. Up to 3 expansion modules can be added. The I-LINK 200 expansion module has the same number of IO ports (8 digital, 4 analog), and the I-LINK 300 has 12 digital IO ports (6 in/6 out).

Additional information

Electrical Interface

Data: RS-232

Interface Connector

Data/Radio: D15 male, Expansion: D15 female, IOs: Screw terminals

Data Interface Speed

2400 – 19200 bps

Analog Inputs

2 @ 4-20mA

Analog Outputs

2 @ 4-20mA

Digital Inputs

4 @ 0-35 VDC

Digital Outputs

4 @ 0-250VAC

Size (H x W x D)

123 x 85 x 30 mm


120 g

YI0007: I-LINK 100

YI0017: I-LINK 100, modbus compatible version.

SATEL I-LINK 100 Brochure

SATELLINK Modbus Series Brochure

SATEL I-LINK 100 User Guide v3.7

SATEL I-LINK 100 Modbus User Guide v1.5