Mobile Whip Antennas

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This family of metal whip antennas are perfect for high power transmissions from mobile base and repeater stations. Fast, lightweight, and simple. Suitable for transmissions up to 100W.

Top quality construction eliminates the need for a ground plane, and features a 17-7PH stainless steel whip with a molded high heat ABS mounting base with silver soldered connections, and gold plated push pin contacts and O-ring, and NMO mounting. A guide is included to trim the antenna for maximum performance for fixed frequency use.

See variations for information on available antenna options.

Additional information

Frequency Range

896-940 MHz, 430-450 or 450-470 MHz

Antenna Gain

2.4 or 5 dBi

Antenna Length

varies by frequency


50 Ohm

YAS2MW: Mobile whip antenna, 2.4 dBi gain, 450 -470 MHz

YAS5MW: Mobile whip antenna, 5 dBi gain, 450 -470 MHz

YAS5MW-430: Mobile whip antenna, 5 dBi gain, 430 -450 MHz

SAO8965I: Mobile whip antenna, 5 dBi gain, 896-940 MHz