Magnetic Mount Antenna Kit. NMO mount, 15 ft RF Cable, 896-970MHz 2.4 dBd antenna

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Similar to the YAMM24 except for a different antenna.  Magmount is the same. Antenna, Omnidirectional, 896-970 MHz, 5dBi, NMO, NGP (Antenna is the SKU:SAO8965I  

Additional information

Mobile Antenna

-Frequency Range: 896-970
-Connector Type: None

Mobile Antenna Specs 2

-Gain: 5 dB
-Bandwidth: 74 MHz
-Power (watts): 200
-Whip Material: Chrome plated 17-7PH SS
-Whip Length: 13-3/4"
-Base Style: NMO Style
-Mount Style: None
-Connector Type: None
-Weight: 0.9 lbs