Compact-4BT IP67 Rover Kit (Bluetooth)

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Your portable solution for rugged outdoor use

Ready for radio connectivity in the toughest conditions – the SATEL Compact-4BT is an IP67 classified UHF radio modem with integrated lithium-ion battery and Bluetooth. It is designed for easy mobile use in demanding field conditions, ideal for land surveying, PrecisionAg and machine control applications.

The radio is compatible with a wide variety of radios from Satel (including those integrated into Leica, Topcon, Ag Leader, and Auto Farm base stations), as well as radios from Pacific Crest and Trimble.

Configured using Configuration Manager, SaTerm, or by Android app. AES-128 encryption enabled. Kit includes all parts needed for quick installation.

Compact-4BT IP67 Bluetooth Rover Kit brochure

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